An expert team of analytical nurses, legal gurus & data geniuses.

We hold payers accountable to the terms of their contract to increase revenue collected and decrease dollars written off as uncollectible. In the face of healthcare insurance claim denials, Advicare is your answer.

Advicare is a clinical denial revenue recovery firm located in sunny Lakeland, Florida. The Advicare team was founded by three innovators – Stacy Gearhart, Gloriann Sordo and Barbara Toole, who realized the need for a partner to work on behalf of providers to prevent and overturn denied claims. Since then, Advicare has grown to a vast team actively working with providers and their payers to increase and accelerate cash, reduce write-offs and identify the root cause to prevent those denials from happening on future claims.

Advicare Building

We work with some of the nation’s leading hospitals and health systems to prevent and overturn denied insurance claims because of our singular focus, customer-first approach and expertise. Advicare’s extensive analytical research and data from current and past appeals helps us in preventing future denials of claims.

Gloriana Sordo

Collaboration. A word often used in marketing materials but not fully executed in operations. Until now.”

Co-Founder and Principal
Gloriann Sordo

from our Co-Founder

I was recently asked by a revenue cycle executive at a prospective health system client to describe or define Advicare in one word. I loved that question because without hesitation I was able to answer “collaboration.” We at Advicare pride ourselves on collaboration at all levels: within our team, with our client partners, and with our payer relations. One of our favorite expressions is, “It’s a WE thing.”

Now this may not seem very exciting at first glance, but having previously worked at companies where various departments worked in silos, this was a very important aspect to me and my business partners in our team development at Advicare. We bring experienced denial resolution specialists, attorneys, certified coders, and nurses to work together toward the common goal of overturning and preventing ongoing denials.

We attribute our unique team structure, as well as our process-driven inventory assignment, to our success in collecting payments other vendors have erroneously left behind and in achieving more than a 90 percent overturn rate for clinical denials.